5 Reasons Bitcoin’s Adoption Is Stronger Than Ever

5 Reasons Bitcoin’s Adoption Is Stronger Than Ever


Reason #1

Bitcoin is now even more secure.

Compared to one year ago, the computing power deployed on the Bitcoin network by users all over the world has more than doubled.

Reason #2

The number of daily active addresses is stable.

In a big bear market, this kind of stability is an encouraging sign.

Reason #3

Transaction volume has doubled.

This tells us that, once the fever and frenzy were squeezed out of the market, stronger, steadier hands have prevailed and become more active.

Reason #4

The average transaction fee is down to about 25 cents.

That’s cheap, and another positive factor for adoption.
Reason #5

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has grown nicely.

More importantly, there’s a lot more room to grow, with essentially no limit.

Does all this mean Bitcoin merits an upgrade? Maybe. But while adoption has been improving, our risk/reward metrics have been sliding.


Source: https://dailyhodl.com/2019/01/26/5-reasons-bitcoins-adoption-is-stronger-than-ever/

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