Crypto Whales Move Millions in Stellar, Bitcoin and XRP, Team at NEO Denies Disruption, and Litecoin Plans to Compete With Monero and Zcash

Daily Hodl Staff

Stellar, XRP and Bitcoin

Crypto whales are moving millions in Stellar Lumens (XLM), XRP and Bitcoin (BTC). $13 million worth of XLM is on the move in the last 24 hours, with about $1 million being sent to crypto exchanges.

 6,000,000 XLM Worth $502,495 sent from unknown wallet to Bitfinex
 7,000,000 XLM Worth $599,772 sent from unknown wallet to Binance
 22,939,761 XLM Worth $2,012,570 sent from unknown wallet to unknown wallet
 45,879,524 XLM Worth $4,025,140 sent from unknown wallet to unknown wallet
 68,819,286 XLM Worth $6,037,710 sent from unknown wallet to unknown wallet

Meanwhile, a single transfer of $10 million XRP has been sent from the crypto exchange Huobi to an unknown wallet. In addition, Ripple continues its mass movement of XRP, with a $2 million transfer from its over-the-counter (OTC) wallet to an unknown wallet.

Finally, a single transaction of 2,000 Bitcoin worth $6 million has been sent to the crypto exchange Bittrex, indicating a trader may be gearing up to sell.


The team at NEO says the blockchain is up and running and and funds are safe, after reports of a chain split. Switcheo, a decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain, was the first to reportan unintentional fork on the network.

The situation remains fluid, but according to CoinNess, NEO says the network is producing blocks as usual. NEO confirmed an unintentional fork back in August, as reported by NEO News Today.

“Instead of a fork as they are conventionally understood in the blockchain community, NEO’s fork was instead caused by a rare issue in consensus where two valid blocks were proposed. If both blocks receive enough signatures from consensus nodes, this causes a single block fork. Although this did not actually stall consensus, it did create confusion amongst nodes as they became stuck on the conflicting block.”


Litecoin creator Charlie Lee says the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap will give users the option to send private, untraceable transactions.


According to Lee, the team at Litecoin plans to integrate private transactions this year.

The move will place Litecoin as a competitor to Monero and Zcash, the two leading privacy blockchains in the space.



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