UFC MMA Commentator and Comedian Joe Rogan on Bitcoin

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UFC MMA Commentator and Comedian Joe Rogan on Bitcoin

In a recent episode of the "Joe Rogan Experience" (JRE) podcast, Joe Rogan, American comedian and mixed martial arts (MMA) fight color commentator for MMA promotion company Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), spoke with rapper/producer "Killer Mike" (one half of the hip hop duo "Run The Jewels"), and during their conversation, the topic of cryptocurrencies came up.

Around one hour and 11 minues after the start of episode #1230, which was released on January 23th, Rogan asked Killer Mike if he paid any attention to cryptocurrencies. Killer Mike replied:

"DJ Vlad has thought me a lot about stocks so much to the point that I bought my wife thousands of dollars in stocks for Christmas... She cried when I said I never want you to be fully dependent upon me or feel that way, so here is a lot of stocks, and she cried like a baby... I just put lots of money into S&P 500s, but I don't know a lot about cryptocurrencies and stuff... I'm learning how to have money."

Rogan said:

"I'm fascinated by them, the idea of a decentralized economy... The amount of money that banks control. If you just stop and think about what goes on with the Federal Reserve and what goes on with all the money and how much a dollar is worth overseas... If there was something that we could all rely on that wasn’t controlled by any gigantic group of people that have a vested interest in profiting off of this pile of money... it was some sort of a Bitcoin-like thing... it would be a really different world. It would be really, really different."

Killer Mike agreed:

"It would... It'd be different if the world was money-less. It would be different there was a gold standard again. It'd be a lot of differences, but the question becomes is the banking mafia of sorts ever going to let that happen..."

Rogan asked:

"How could they stop it? It's like stopping the internet at this point."

Killer Mike said:

"So you think it's coming? You think we are going to get to cryptocurrency?"

Rogan answered that we would eventually have mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, and said half-jokingly:

"Bitcoin will become like dollar bills that represent Bitcoin, black dollar bill with shiny gold leaf lettering... that'd be dope."

Next, Killer Mike asked if Rogan had made a lot of money from cryptocurrencies. Rogan said that personally he hadn't, but he and a friend had managed to raise some bitcoin for the "Fight for the Forgotten" initiative.

When Killer Mike asked for some advice regarding Bitcoin, Rogan said:

"I don't know enough about it. I'm an idiot."

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